A brand is like a person: it pursuits a personality and its particular way to communicate this personality and message to the world. Before the development of any visual identity, it is important to have this personality well defined. If you do not have it clearly yet, I can help you to define it through a workshop and its analysis, market/competitors research, and analysis of the brand’s target groups.

Visual identity

The visual identity of a brand is a system to guide all its visual expressions. Behind this system are the brand’s personality and the understanding of what communicates best with each one of the brand’s target groups. I can offer you the definition of this system of communication, which is composed mainly by the logo, the brand’s colours and typography, style of illustrations, pictures, icons, and compositions.


When a brand already has a defined personality and visual identity, all its materials will communicate effectively and coherently to each other. I can unfold your visual identity into layouts that will effectively communicate their message:

• Corporate materials • Informative materials • Editorials

• Packaging systems • Websites • Apps