Client: Alpengummi
Team: Natalia Garcez (design) and Sahar Heumesser - (watercolours).
Type: Visual identity, print materials

Alpengummi is the first organic chewing gum from the Alps. Besides doing good to the environment by being bio-degradable and responsible with its bees, the brand works with die Pecherei, a small local community that keeps alive an old tradition of cultivating and managing pine trees.

To represent the liveliness of the ingredients used in the gum’s recipe, it was chosen to work with botanic watercolours. The paintings come as patterns in the package, giving a contemporary touch to the composition, but in other graphic materials, it expands through the background, creating fluid and dynamic compositions.

For this project, it was designed the packages of the chewing gums in two flavours, as well as the brand’s website, and corporate and promotional materials.