Client: Zeta Gastro
Team: Natalia Garcez
Type: Personality, visual identity, digital materials, print materials

Zeta Gastro delivers high-quality products, services, and content for gastronomic businesses. The goal of the company is to make the life of the managers and owners of those businesses easier by taking hold of many tasks that involve managing such emporium. For that, Zeta has an extensive network of highly-qualified professionals who offer varied kinds of services, such as strategy, consulting, workshops, marketing, design, advertising, and project management.

Zeta is motivated to change the mindset regarding gastronomic businesses. Currently, gastronomy-related jobs are perceived as secondary, placeholders, or unsophisticated work. By reducing a load of managing such businesses, and sharing curated information with students, professionals, and gastronomy lovers, Zeta will help to build the image gastronomy deserves – a noble sector, that offers food, experiences, and professional opportunities.

The primary customers of Zeta Gastro are the decision-makers in gastronomic businesses, such as managers and owners. Secondly, Zeta communicates with students, early-stage professionals, professionals, and gastronomy lovers through its social media and open events.

Zeta’s visual identity reflects the brand’s personality: organized, refined, and yet friendly.